Welcome to Secret Toymaker

Secret Toymaker is the Guild Wars 2 equivalent of the Secret Santa tradition, but for the Guild Wars 2 community. Basically, you will be giving a random player a surprise gift and getting one in return from another player!

The matching is now live! Click the button below to check who your match is!

With an astonishing 3365 participants, this year's Secret Toymaker looks like it will be the best one yet!

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Matching is live

Posted on December 19th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

It's been a thrilling 16h since we closed the sign up. Well, maybe not that thrilling, but making sure the matching script did its job properly and testing the results, has been cool. Working with big data you know a lot of people depend on is never a dull moment.

Anyway. The matching is live! That means you can head over to the matching page to check who your match is!

We spoke originally of a plan of letting people send gifts to Free-2-Play participants on a voluntarily basis. These plans have been changed slightly due to the low amount of F2P participants. We will talk more about this on Reddit or in a new post here on the website later. For now, just enjoy.

PS! There are a few participants who have an invalid API token. This is caused by deleting the API token. Those participants were not included in the matching and will therefore get an error message saying "No users found in the database". Those unfortunate will however get the chance to participate in what we're planning for the F2P participants (mentioned above). Stay tuned for more info regarding that :D


Sign ups are closed (for real this time)

Posted on December 19th, 2015 by Chris aka nightzirch

Hey guys!

I keep getting blown away by how many of you signing up! In the past 5 days we have gotten around 1500 signups! That is a little under half of the total amount of signups. Just insane.

I would like to give a huge thanks to WoodenPotatoes for giving us a shoutout in one of his videos covering the Wintersday patch. I would also like to thank Rubi for making a post on Guild Wars 2's official Facebook page. Without your support we wouldn't have been capable of spreading the word about Secret Toymaker as far as we did.

I would also like to thank everyone signing up and sharing their thoughts about the event on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and ingame. This is the reason why I think Guild Wars 2 has the best community there is. 

"What's next?" you may ask. I'm glad you asked. I will do the matching tomorrow (Saturday the 19th) and make sure everything is running smoothly and as it should, before I push it live on the site. Expect the matching to be live somewhere between tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Until then, enjoy the Wintersday patch, do some Fractals of the Mist or Wintersday events for some gold I'm sure some lucky participant will appreciate.


Sign ups re-opened

Posted on December 15th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

I just wanted to let you know that due to overwhelmingly positive feedback we decided to re-open sign ups! They will stay open until server reset time on Friday the 18th of December. We are still aiming at releasing the matching the same friday, so stay tuned.


Sign ups are closed

Posted on December 15th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

Wow! After a shoutout from Rubi on Guild Wars 2's facebook page, we have gotten around 500 new participants in the last 7 hours, meaning we beat the record from last year by almost 200! That is truly exciting!

So... The sign ups are now closed, and we will reveal the matching this Friday, the 18th of December. Be sure to check back then, or keep an eye out on the Guild Wars 2 sub-reddit, or in your email inbox.

A huge thank you to all who signed up!

Best wintersday wishes,



Guild leaderboards

Posted on December 7th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

After a long night's work, the guild leaderboard is up and running! Check it out and see if your guild has made it to the top 10!

The leaderboards will update every other hour, so don't expect your guild to spike to the lead right away after recruiting a bunch of people.


1000 participants

Posted on November 26th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

I can't believe I forgot to make a post about this earlier.

We passed 1000 participants just a week after our initial post. A big thank you to all who signed up! Development on the site has since then stood still, mostly due to raids being released for the game. I do however have some plans for a few features I want to implement before the signup is due:

  • Guild leaderboard. I want to show which guilds have the most participants. Compete for glory and bragging rights about having the most generous members.
  • Participation graph. It would be pretty neat to see a graph of the amount of signups over time.
  • Remove participation. When toymakers edit their participation, they should also have the ability to remove their participation in case they find out they don't have the ability to log in to Guild Wars 2 during the timeframe.

If you have any suggestions to features that could be implemented, feel free to contact me (Chris).


New feature: Edit participation

Posted on November 13th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch


I want to start off with by thanking everyone who have signed up already! These first two days have been a blast. Watching the participation number go up and up and up has filled me with joy. We are almost at 750 participants!

During these two days we have gotten a lot of feedback. The most demanded new feature was the ability to edit your own participation. I am happy to inform you this is now possible!

In the menu next to "Sign up" there is a new button called "Edit participation". This will take you to an almost identical page to the signup page, other than the fact that it comes pre-filled with your information. It requires you to enter the same API token you signed up with.

Hope you find it useful.


Secret Toymaker 2015

Posted on November 10th, 2015 in News by Chris aka nightzirch

Welcome to Secret Toymaker 2015!

I am so happy to announce our return for the second Secret Toymaker in Guild Wars 2's history! It doesn't sound like much, really, but to RandommUser and me personally, it means the world. This event was something RandommUser came up with last year and I happily joined in on it. Back then we also had Silveress_Golden with us, who unfortunately was not able to join this year. We have worked many many hours to make this happen, and we are excited to see how this year's turn-out will be.

Last year we had almost 2200 participants, and this year we are aiming for 5000. Let's make this happen, Tyrians!

Compared to last year, we're packing a new signup system. Instead of a Google Form, we'll be using a fairly standard web form and an internal database built on MongoDB. Your data will be safe with us, even though you won't be submitting anything that might harm you in any way.

We will be answering every question we get both on email and Reddit, but because this is a somewhat large-scale event we would appreciate it if you read the Frequently Asked Questions first.

Thank you all for joining this event and spreading the sweet joy of Wintersday!